Hempy Earth Day 2020!

Hempy Earth Day 2020!

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! Although Moon Mother Hemp prioritizes sustainability each day, we honor Earth Day as a way to collectively celebrate and care for our home.


History of Hemp

Hemp’s power lies beyond the wellness support many of us experience today. 

Hemp is a crop with diverse applications and can be seen as a solution to various ecological problems. Hemp cultivation for fiber was recorded in China as early as 2800 BCE. It was a highly valued crop in America’s early days until the Marihuana Tax Act, passed in 1937, made hemp cultivation financially and logistically challenging. When the Controlled Substance Act of 1970 was passed, Cannabis sativa was classified as Schedule I. Because hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant, strict cultivation regulations were placed on the plant. When the Farm Bill was signed into law in December 2018, hemp was removed from Schedule I and allowed to be grown as an agricultural commodity.

Due to decades of restrictions, products made from hemp are still seen as alternatives. Perhaps with the change in perception, our planet will begin to heal with hemp being recognized  and used as the natural phenomenon it is.


Carbon Sequestering


Because carbon dioxide is the most commonly produced greenhouse gas, reducing our carbon footprint through sequestration is a priority. Carbon sequestration is the process of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide. Hemp, being a bioaccumulator, is a super star at sequestering carbon at about 13 tons per acre per year. In comparison, an acre of trees can average 6 tons of CO2 per acre per year. While hemp can be used to remediate the soil, for wellness purposes it is wise to use products made with certified organic hemp to avoid toxin residuals.


Hemp Versus Cotton


Cotton has reigned supreme as a fabric since the mid-1800s. While it’s possible to cultivate hemp with little or no chemicals, the cotton industry uses up to 16% of the world’s pesticides. This percentage is extremely high considering this crop occupies less than 3% of the land worldwide. In addition to using a high volume of pesticides, cotton is a “thirsty” crop and requires much more water. While 1 kg of hemp can be produced with 300-500 liters of water, it takes 10,000 liters to grow the same amount of cotton. Between the high chemical and water use, the cotton industry deeply impacts the health of cotton workers and surrounding ecosystems.


Hemp Versus Paper

As you might have guessed, paper made from hemp is more sustainable than paper made from trees. But why should we make the switch? The creation of wood products, like paper, is a considerable contributor to deforestation. At one point in time, 12% of greenhouse gas emissions measured were attributed to deforestation. Hemp can be grown at an exponentially quicker rate than trees and takes  4-10 times less acreage to produce the same amount of paper.



Have you heard of hempcrete? It’s just like it sounds, concrete made of industrial hemp! A lime-based binder is mixed with the woody inner fiber of hemp hurds to create an insulating, building material. Today’s standard building materials are mined from the earth or harvested from forests. Aside from taking a longer time to cure, hempcrete’s benefits are profound: non-toxic, mold resistance, humidity control, durable, carbon sequestration, fire and pest resistance, temperature and humidity regulation.


How Moon Mother Chooses Sustainability

As a company, it is our responsibility to provide a sustainable product and ensure that what we are producing is for the highest good of the people and the planet. We operate under the consciousness that each choice we make will affect the environment in one way or another. Here are some of the ways Moon Mother chooses sustainability.

Certified Organic Farming

In addition to meeting the rigorous standards to maintain organic certification, Moon Mother’s farm participates in crop rotation. These practices reduce soil erosion and increase soil fertility while also maximizing crop yield. By planting cover crops, we can suppress the growth of weeds and control pests and diseases to avoid the use of chemicals.

Sustainable Packaging + Materials

We are adamant about reducing the amount of plastic in the world. In order to do so, we invest in 100% post consumer recycled and hemp paper marketing materials. You can expect your Moon Mother orders to arrive with recyclable packaging and packing materials including water activated paper tape to seal your goods.

Ingredient Sourcing

All ingredients from our hemp, to the herbs, essential oils and carriers we use are responsibly and ethically sourced. As one example, the company our Manuka Honey is sourced through only deals with reputable beekeepers in New Zealand that are part of the Official UMF® Honey Association which ensures quality control, inspections and lab testing.


How Consumers Can Boost Sustainability

People like you are aware of the fact that the products you buy directly affect the planet. We honor your choice to invest in sustainable products and support environmentally responsible companies. Your purchases have power and together we can make a change beyond Earth Day. Here are a few recommendations for consuming sustainably.

Buying Less

This may be obvious but in a country that has marketed happiness through obtaining a bigger and better collection of things, refraining from buying just to buy is influential. Minimalism is more than a trend, it’s sustainable!

Buying Used

Next best to buying less is buying used. Surely you’ve pitched items from your home that no longer fit you or your lifestyle but are still in mint condition. Finding secondhand items from the internet, thrift stores or even your friends can feel like finding treasure! New to you is still new!

Buying From Sustainably Made, Ethical Brands

When it is time to make a new buy, vote with your dollar by choosing brands with missions you believe in! Search for companies using the 1% for the Planet symbol and sharing transparently about their ecological impact.

Moon Mother Hemp is grateful to be part of a community that is intentional about caring for the planet. Remember, when you heal yourself, you heal the earth! Hempy healing and happy Earth Day!

Sustainable Practices

Moon Mother Hemp Company is committed to organic, sustainable and environmentally responsible farming practices.

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