Moon Mother Hemp Company 2019 Harvest Report

Moon Mother Hemp Company 2019 Harvest Report

This year’s hemp harvest was a tremendous success and blew away all expectations. The per acre yield doubled from last year and the CBD content of the flower increased by 50%. The main difference was in the genetics we choose for this year’s crop.

Cherry Blossom from HGH seeds in Longmont was one genetic strain we planted this year. The Cherry Blossom produced big bushy plants with dense and heavy resin filled flowers. The aroma was amazing and CBD content pushed 15%.

We also planted a strain called The Wife. Much like the Cherry Blossom, the yield was on the heavy side, and the CBD content of these flowers was even higher. Of course, we also have mother nature to thank.

We basically had a picture perfect fall as far as hemp growing is concerned. Day after day of beautiful sunny days in September contributed to amazing growth in the flower and aided in abundant resin development. We are grateful for both amazing genetics and beneficial weather conditions this year.

A Family Farm

Edward and Jessica Bates, Lead Hemp Farmer and Moon Mother Hemp Founder + CEO, respectively.

We are proud to be a small scale family run farm. The care that goes into smaller scale farming really becomes apparent when we harvest the finished flower. It all begins in the spring when Edward and Jessica begin sewing the seeds in the greenhouse that will eventually become the seed starts that will be transferred to the field.

As the plants grow throughout the summer, we constantly walk the field checking on the health of each and every plant, making sure the irrigation system is working properly, and chasing away the gophers. When it’s time for harvest, we manually cut the plants, air dry them to preserve the terpenes, and the gently strip the flowers and leaves before putting the plant material into climate controlled storage.

Hemp plants cut and ready for transport to the drying facility.

The care that goes into a smaller operation results in a superior finished product with greater therapeutic value.

Organic Origins

From the very beginning, we made the decision to only use USDA Certified organic hemp in our products. Aside from the obvious dangers of spraying chemicals on or near the plants and soil, there is another important element to consider.

For instance,  it is known that hemp pulls toxins from the soil and so it can be quite dangerous to the consumer if toxic herbicides and pesticides were used on the land in years past. Organic certification requires that farms be free from agricultural toxins for many years before the land and crop can be certified organic. This allows time for the chemicals to breakdown into benign components.

Always remember that even though hemp may have been grown using organic practices, there is no guarantee that toxins aren’t in the soil unless the hemp is certified organic.

The Green Team

As mentioned above, Jessica and Edward started the growing cycle and employed a dedicated team to help carry it to harvest.

“Our harvest team is feet on the ground and hands in the dirt,” says Jessica about Moon Mother’s close crew.

Over weeks, the plants were manually gathered from the farm and transported to a facility for proper drying and storage. From there, the hemp flower will be processed into oil using CO2 extraction methods.

Then, the extract will be used throughout the year to create fresh, small batch products that are available to supplement your wellness.

Hats off to Edward

Edward Bates, Lead Hemp Farmer

Three cheers for our Lead Hemp Farmer, Edward Bates, whose 15 years of expertise in the cannabis industry has successfully guided another amazing harvest. A lot of experience and a little luck go a long way.

When Edward isn’t on the fields or managing production, he’s with his wife, Jessica and two girls (pictured below).

We thank each of Moon Mother’s supporters in contributing positivity to our growing company. We are committed to quality, starting at the seed. Just as this harvest was prosperous for us, we wish prosperity and health for you, too.


Sustainable Practices

Moon Mother Hemp Company is committed to organic, sustainable and environmentally responsible farming practices.

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