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Moon Mother Hemp


Moon Mother Hemp Company is a woman-owned business committed to environmentally responsible hemp farming and producing clean, safe, Colorado-grown hemp supplements. Every ingredient in Moon Mother’s tinctures and topicals is certified organic and specifically selected to support healing and wellbeing for body and mind. Moon Mother ensures product quality by overseeing each stage of growth and production from seed to sale.

Founders Bio

Moon Mother Hemp Company’s founder, Jessica Bates, is passionate about developing sustainable and clean health and beauty products. As a certified clinical herbalist, Jessica’s decade long experience of working with medicinal herbs is incorporated into formula production. Her special interest in women’s health and wellbeing has inspired her to produce the Wise Woman Bath Salts and the Wise Woman Healing Balm for menstrual relief.

In 2018, Jessica and her partner Edward, who has worked for fifteen years in cannabis cultivation, combined their experience and love for plants to found Moon Mother Hemp Company. As Lead Farmer, Edward manages batch production, ensuring high quality from the growth stages through the final product. With experience as a medical care provider in the cannabis space, Edward's passion for providing access to quality organic cannabis is rooted in eco-consciousness and sustainability.

As the parents of two young children, Jessica and Edward are motivated to ensure that Moon Mother Hemp Company provide supplements clean for the present generation and sustainable for the future.

The Farm

Moon Mother Hemp Company is proud to be a small-scale family run farm. From the very beginning, they made the decision to only use USDA certified organic hemp in our products. It all begins in the spring when Edward and Jessica begin sowing the seeds in the greenhouse that will eventually become the seed starts that will be transferred to the field.

As the plants grow throughout the summer, Moon Mother Hemp constantly walk the field checking on the health of each and every plant, making sure the irrigation system is working properly, and chasing away the gophers. When it’s time for harvest, they manually cut the plants, air dry them to preserve the terpenes, and the gently strip the flowers and leaves before putting the plant material into climate-controlled storage. The care that goes into smaller scale farming becomes apparent when Moon Mother harvest the finished flower. The quality of hemp is verified through certificates of analysis.

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