Staff Favorites with Tori Rerick

Staff Favorites with Tori Rerick

Our hemp oil is an everyday essential for sales associate, Tori. She considers it a must have for her wellness and mood.

Full Spectrum Sublingual Oil

If you’re looking for a CBD preparation that can be custom dosed and the effects felt within 10-45 minutes, read on about our hemp oil.

“Full spectrum” CBD oil includes more than just the CBD cannabinoid. Other compounds that are naturally occurring in hemp like THC and CBN are also included. The amount of THC remains under 0.3% which is the allowed federal limit and plays a role in the efficacy of the product.

When the plant compounds interact with each other and the body they work in synergy and produce a greater impact than the individual compounds alone. This is named the “entourage effect”.

This product is absorbed into the bloodstream by the tissue under your tongue. For the best absorption, we recommend holding your dose for 1-2 minutes before swallowing. The effects are typically felt within 10-45 minutes of administration which makes it a relatively quick route for absorbing CBD.

Organic MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil is used as the carrier for our CBD and is a quick source of energy for the brain! Choose your preference of three flavors. Natural is earthy and simple. Peppermint is cool, refreshing, and may provide an energy lift. Cinnamon is a delicious option for those seeking a warm, grounding effect.

Try the oil your yourself and let us know what you think below!

Sustainable Practices

Moon Mother Hemp Company is committed to organic, sustainable and environmentally responsible farming practices.

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Organic Hemp
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