Manifestation Meditation + Journaling Exercise

Manifestation Meditation + Journaling Exercise

At the beginning of any new year the potential for growth, abundance and manifestation is infinite. We want to help you harness that potential by sharing with you our favorite New Year manifestation meditation and exercise.

Step 1

Set your environment.

Begin in a beauty filled spot with a journal and a cup of tea.

Sitting in a comfortable position with a straight spine, begin to breathe deeply and slowly.

Step 2

Start to visualize your accomplishments from 2019.

What did you really excel at? What goals from the beginning of the year did you bring to fruition? What parts of your year are you particularly proud of and why?

Take a minute to journal about your 2019 and all of your amazing successes.

Step 3

Focus on your goals for the next year.

What are your top 3 goals for 2020?

Write down each goal and why you want to achieve that particular goal and how achieving it would affect your life.

Step 4

One by one begin to see yourself really having accomplished each goal.

See yourself truly in that space. You have already achieved it and are reaping the benefits.

How do you feel? How is your life more enriched?

Spend as much time as you like in that space for each goal and then write what you saw and how you get in the meditation.

Record the steps you will need to accomplish each goal and make a plan to take each of those steps and bring your goal to fruition by the end of the year.

Step 5

End your meditation with love for yourself, your community and the earth and with gratitude for all that you are and all that you have already.

At the beginning of each day take a few minutes to tap into your goals and think about what steps you can take that day to bring you closer to accomplishing your 2020 goals.

Happy New Year!

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