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Hemp as an Eco-Solution

Hemp as an Eco-Solution

Hemp as an Eco-Solution

With Earth Day coming up, we wanted to share our vision for a sustainable future and explain how hemp supports that. Sustainability starts with environmental awareness and education, which we’re passionate about here at Moon Mother. Together, let’s explore why we should and how we can support our planet.


Why Environmental Awareness Is so Important

We believe that raising awareness of the impact of human activities on the environment is vital. Only by understanding our individual impact can we reduce it to become more sustainable.  

Through 1% for the Planet, we’ve partnered with Earth Guardians to spread environmental awareness. Our first activity will be a 6-month discussion panel with a topic every month. The first in the series will be about how hemp can be used as an eco-solutions An eco-solution refers to how green or environmentally friendly alternatives are used to ensure sustainability for the planet.

Earth Guardians inspires younger generations to be environmental, climate and social justice leaders. Together, we’ve collated resources to educate the younger members of our local community in Boulder. Each panel will discuss different environmental topics. The first will be exploring hemp as an eco-solution. 

At Moon Mother, we believe that being environmentally aware is essential to keeping our planet alive. Our expertise lies in the positive impact of hemp and how it can be used to reduce waste and support sustainable living. There can be so many questions surrounding hemp, so let’s explore how hemp can be used as an eco-solution. 


How Does Hemp Support the Environment?

Hemp is known for its medicinal uses, but it’s so much more than that. We’re passionate about raising awareness regarding hemp education and all the benefits of this extraordinary plant. As an all-natural product, hemp is biodegradable and renewable, and it has fantastic properties to support the soil in which it grows. Hemp can be used to support the environment in many ways as it’s so versatile.

Hemp Improves Soil Health

Hemp’s benefits start when it’s planted. Hemp is known to detoxify the soil and make it a better environment to grow other crops. The hemp plant has bioremediation properties, which translates to how it removes contaminants, pollutants and toxins from the soil. It does this by absorbing impurities from the soil and storing them within its stalk and leaves. 

A 4-year research project from the Rodale Institute supported the notion that hemp is a viable addition to crop rotation, as it improves soil health and suppresses weeds from growing. Hemp’s rejuvenating properties are a valuable resource to farmers, particularly in the organic farming industry. 

Medicinal Uses Of Hemp

CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant and cultivated to its purest form, and it can be used as a natural remedy for numerous ailments. Many people use hemp as a natural form of pain relief and inflammation, but there are so many more uses. CBD oil has been known to relieve the effects of stress, anxiety, chronic pain and even seizures. Notably, research has shown how CBD can be used as a treatment for forms of epilepsy

As research and knowledge of its properties increase, the medicinal uses of hemp are all-encompassing. Using hemp rather than mass-manufactured alternatives is far more sustainable, and the process can be carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative. Hemp is truly unique in its healing properties and sustainability as an eco-solution.

Textiles Made from Hemp

When considering environmental awareness, we look to replace fabrics like cotton and substitute them for sustainable options. Textiles made from hemp are known to be one of the most sustainable. Hemp was likely the first plant grown for use within textiles, dating back to early civilizations in the Middle East and China. It only reduced in prominence when the cultivation of it became prohibited in the 1930s.

As hemp textiles are known to be similar to linen, they’re perfect for summer clothing. Hemp fibers are also both durable and strong, making them the ideal material for hard-wearing textiles such as upholstery. Their versatility and natural sources mean that hemp textiles are 100% biodegradable and don’t require chemical treatment.

Paper Sourced From Hemp

China was the first country to make paper from hemp. Hemp now has an opportunity to re-establish itself as a valuable and sustainable resource to the planet. Deforestation of trees is one of the human activities which has contributed to the environmental crisis. The use of hemp as an alternative actively combats deforestation.

Hemp has an abundance of cellulose (the main ingredient of paper), making it an ideal replacement for trees. What’s more significant is that it has a larger cellulose concentration, and so the extraction process causes less environmental harm. As far as we’re concerned, hemp is an ideal choice for making paper and paper products. 

So Much More

Hemp can be used in so many more ways as an eco-solution. Bioplastics and biofuel can be created by using the hemp plant. Using hemp in this way reduces reliance on fossil fuels and lessens the environmental crisis. Research into hemp and its uses has come from being more environmentally aware and sustainability-driven. We can’t wait to see hemp used in a more mainstream manner.


Moon Mother’s Commitment to the Planet

Our goal is to support the education of sustainability and build a planet where the future is set to thrive. We’ve also embedded this commitment into our company visions and values, always conscious to give back and support in any way we can. We also ensure every product of ours is as sustainable and pure as possible through biodynamic farming.

Biodynamic Farming

At Moon Mother, we strive to do better than expected by surpassing guidelines for organic farming. We achieve this through various means, most significantly by eliminating the use of pesticides from our crops. Using pesticides can result in added toxins within the plant, and we won’t let our customers be exposed to this potential risk. Additionally, we don’t use micro cropping, and we rotate our crop and avoid erosion by maintaining a healthy plant cover.

Moon Mother has and always will be proactive in taking care of our environment. Even though we’re a small, family-run business, we’re working towards being a carbon-negative brand. We lead by example.

If you’re interested in CBD, Moon Mother’s range of products will help you on the way to a more sustainable and wellness-based lifestyle.

A Tail of Hope

“Moon Mother’s CBD oil has been a godsend. Our quality of life has gone up exponentially.”    We’re genuinely

Sustainable Practices

Quality Organic Hemp

Quality Organic Hemp

Grown by our team on our family run, USDA-certified farm in Boulder, CO. We ensure the quality of our organic hemp by overseeing each stage of the production, from seedlings to sale.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

We make our full spectrum hemp oil with CO2-extracted full spectrum hemp containing over 80 naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes and phytonutrients.

Herbalist Formulated

Herbalist Formulated

Our founder, a certified clinical herbalist, has put thoughtful consideration and care into every product to create a synergistic effect between hemp, herbs and essential oils.

No Extras or Fillers

No Extras or Fillers

All of our products are made with only natural ingredients. We don’t add any extras or fillers. All of our products are gluten-free, corn-free and soy-free.


Animal Friendly

As a certified Leaping Bunny company, we’ve made a commitment to not test our products on any furry animals.

Strictly Organic Products

Strictly Organic Products

We use only USDA Certified Organic ingredients that are responsibly sourced and fair trade wherever possible.

Environmentally Sustainable Farming Practices

Environmentally Sustainable Farming Practices

We’re committed to sustainable, eco-conscious farming practices that support the land and soil, including biodynamic practices.

1% for the Planet Member

1% for the Planet Member

Our partnership with 1% For The Planet aligns our company with other like-minded individuals, non-profit organizations, and businesses pledging to protect our world.

Woman Owned

Woman Owned

We are proud to be one of the few women-owned CBD companies. Our founder is a certified clinical herbalist who is dedicated to women’s health and wellbeing.

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