Guest Post: CBD Beauty Box Review

Guest Post: CBD Beauty Box Review

Tina Ocampo, of Beauty Finds Adventures, can be described as beauty lover, adventure seeker, good eats maker, holistic encourager and medical doctor. As a beauty ambassador for Moon Mother Hemp, she dove deep into her experience of our CBD Beauty Box when she received it. Here are her musings on how it’s helped with her skin ailments.

Moon Mother Hemp Co’s 3-Part CBD Beauty System has been a welcomed addition into my skincare collection. As the year started, I was battling with a series of skin ailments—blemishes popping out of nowhere, a non-healing scar from a facial gone wrong, and skin dryness (which is not typical for me, as I normally have oily/combo skin). Those days were some skincare lows.

So, I honestly attribute my skin recovery to Moon Mother Hemp Co and their CBD skincare. For a lil’ product background, I’m familiar with CBD in skincare and its beneficial properties for the skin.

Here are a few CBD skincare benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Rich in vitamin E
  • High in essential fatty acids

I have say though, I never really used CBD skincare exclusively until now, and it was definitely worth the wait. Remember not all CBD is created equal, so not all CBD skincare performs the same. I trust and use Moon Mother Hemp Co for my CBD skincare needs because they only use the best—their full spectrum hemp is USDA certified and also grown on their farm. Honestly, not a lot of brands can say that they grow their own hemp.

Best of all, they’re all about high quality and pure CBD wellness products that are carefully curated to support and heal the body as well as the mind.

How I use the CBD Beauty Box products:

As for their 3-Part CBD Beauty System, when I use this trio I know my skin is indulging in some goodness. The Nourish Hemp & Manuka Honey Mask is a highly used mask with exfoliating benefits. I personally like to switch off using it as an exfoliator or mask. The Renew Hemp Eye Serum keeps my delicate eye area moisturized. Because of the roller ball applicator, it makes for easy application and instantly feels soothing to the eye area. And the Glow Hemp Skin Serum creates a glowing canvas that just soaks into the skin really nicely. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or looking oily.

In a matter of just two weeks, this beauty system has calmed and healed my pesky blemishes. It wasn’t overnight, but they’re gone. My non-healing scar finally healed, and I wish I documented my experience for you to see. As for my unusually dry skin, I’m back to my oily/combo skin, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So if you’re struggling with any skin ailment, I highly recommend Moon Mother Hemp Co’s 3-Part Beauty System!


If you enjoyed this summarized account, visit Tina’s blog to read her in-depth 3-Part Beauty System review.

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