5 Tips for A More Pleasant Moon Time

5 Tips for A More Pleasant Moon Time

You’re in the right place for tips on experiencing a more pleasant moon time.  For many women, being on their period is the least celebrated time of the month. There are many factors that affect how we bleed and the support we received around our first years of menstruation often carries over to our ongoing narrative about the process.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term moon time, it refers to the time of the month a woman bleeds and is also synonymous with the moon cycle.

It’s beautiful to consider how the moon completes a lunar cycle in about 29 days which closely reflects a woman’s menstrual cycle. Traditionally, Native cultures regard moon time as a sacred portal for releasing old energy while welcoming abundance and fertility.

Read on for our top 5 tips on incorporating CBD wellness into your cycle for a more pleasant moon time.

❣️Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated from the inside out! Replenish lost fluids by drinking plenty of water. Consider easing cramps and increasing relaxation while soaking in a “ritual” bath. Our Wise Woman Ritual Bath are cbd bath salts with a soothing blend of Dead Sea salt, Pink Himalayan salt, CBD rich full spectrum hemp extract, herbs and a gorgeous blend of essential oils.


❣️Record Your Cycle

We’ve all been caught off guard by the start of our flow a time or two. Bringing awareness to your cycle onset, intensity, duration, and other factors will foster feelings of empowerment around the process. Keep a note in your phone, use a special notebook or download an app to flush out the details of your cycle.

❣️Engage in Restful Ritual

Many of our customers ask about using CBD for cramps. Our founder, Jessica Bates, Certified Clinical Herbalist, has placed her dedication to women’s health and herbal formulation expertise into the development of our Wise Woman Comfort Balm. Witness your moon time as an opportunity to slow down and listen to your body. As you take deep, slow, cleansing breaths, gently massage our buttery CBD balm into the skin surrounding your womb space or lower back. 


❣️Take A Moon Day

Does your employer provide Moon Days? As a woman-owned business, Moon Mother Hemp recognizes the energy requirements of beginning to bleed and offers the option to work from home at the onset of a cycle. This is revolutionary in a society that encourages us to suppress and work through our natural cycles. If you’re financially able, consider taking a menstrual leave from work as an opportunity to give yourself more grace.

It should be noted that taking moon days comes with immense financial and social privilege. In the case you are not able to take time at home, we have a few recommendations.

  • Call on herbal teas and nourishing foods to sustain your energy and improve mood during your period. B vitamins, St. John’s Wort, calcium, CBD and essential fatty acids may be supportive.
  • Leave white space in your schedule for flexibility or plan restful activities during this time to allow for less energy expenditure.
  • Bring a heating pad to work to sooth cramps on breaks or as you’re seated.

❣️Honor The Process

Shifting your mindset around your moon from pain to privilege can make for a more pleasant process. Adopt an affirmation like: “I honor my strength. I welcome this release” as you take a dose of Peppermint Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Allow the words to settle in your mind as the CBD absorbs under your tongue. The peppermint flavor may provide an energizing effect and boost your moon time morale.

You can find all 3 best selling products for menstrual related pains and discomforts mentioned in this post bundled as our Wise Woman Comfort Box. It’s the perfect companion to your period! It makes a great gift for any menstruating person you know and a special offering to honor a first period!

Apply our tips for a more pleasant moon time and enjoy a month of heightened wellness!

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