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New Terpene Rich Formula

Those of you who enjoy Moon Mother’s Full Spectrum Oils may have noticed changes  with your most recent bottle. The shift from high-clarity filtered oil to a more terpene, cannabinoid and phytonutrient rich formula is intentional and for your benefit.

Why the Change

“We’re committed to bringing the highest quality CBD hemp products to our community and customers. It’s our responsibility to search out the best formulations that provide the most therapeutic properties possible,” states our founder and CEO, Jessica Bates.

Terpenes are fragrant plant compounds that contribute unique effects to your CBD experience. For example, a component known to provide lavender with calming effects is the terpene linalool.

Terpenes contribute to the entourage effect of cannabinoids. Developing a terpene rich formula is designed to improve your CBD experience.

The Mechanics

If you’re wondering, no we are not just adding the terpenes back in.

Our extraction method is still the same — CO2 processing. However, instead of filtering and distilling, as we previously were, we are leaving the CBD in a more natural form. We’ve simplified the processing steps to leave the terpenes intact.

What to Expect

Your Full Spectrum Oil will now be deeper in color and in taste profile. Instead of a clear, light yellow liquid, the oil is now amber.

Change in taste is most noticeable if you opt for the natural flavor. Although more distinct, the taste remains elegant. Peppermint and cinnamon drops, flavored with steam-distilled essential oils, are still available.

When it’s Happening

Now! We’re currently in the process of changing all strengths and flavors of the oils to the terpene rich formula.

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to or call our customer service line for details.

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