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Intentional CBD Consumption

Although CBD is becoming a household name with much enthusiasm, it is not a one size fits all supplement. In order to glean benefits tailored to you, it’s important to consume CBD with intention. Read on for our tips on mindful CBD consumption.

Select The Right Product

Just because your friend uses a topical or tincture, doesn’t mean that’s the best option for you. Because CBD is available by various routes, it’s important to consider the reason for use, which body parts are affected and price before making your decision. Feel free to call or stop in the store to discuss which product may be right for you.

Only Use What You Need

When beginning to use CBD it’s best to start at a low dose and go slowly with increases. Each Moon Mother Hemp Co oil can be measured by the drop for accuracy in dosing. More isn’t more with CBD. “More” may actually be less effective or wasteful. Get the most out of your products by only using what you need.

Listen To Your Body

If you’re using CBD for general well being, an intentional approach would be to listen to your body. Your dose may fluctuate depending on how you feel. Accommodate your body by choosing to decrease or increase your dose as you feel comfortable. Your body is the authority for usage.

Set an Intention With Each Dose

Hemp is a plant that works well with mindfulness. Before taking each dose, focus on the healing you wish to experience. By assigning intention, you’ll surely direct the supportive properties of the plant for maximum benefit.

What other methods have you incorporated for intentional CBD consumption? We’d love to know! Contact us to share how you’ve incorporated CBD into your own routine.

Certificate of Analysis: How To Access

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