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Everything You Need to Know About Using CBD for Back Pain

Everything You Need to Know About Using CBD for Back Pain

Everything You Need to Know About Using CBD for Back Pain

CBD has been used as an effective natural source of pain relief for centuries, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to interact with pain receptors in the body. This makes it a popular choice for those wanting to manage their pain naturally, and you can use CBD for back pain in many ways. 

Many people suffer from back pain. It can be caused by many health issues, including chronic pain conditions, injuries or lifestyle reasons. Chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis cause pain throughout the body, including the back. If you’ve suffered an injury from a car accident or sports injury, you may suffer with torn ligaments, damaged muscles or even damage to your spine, all of which can cause back pain. Many people can also develop back pain issues from long periods of poor posture. 

However the pain originated, it can be difficult to deal with and disrupt your life in many ways. But with the right treatment, you can manage your pain effectively and live a full and happy life. For those who prefer more holistic approaches to heal, you can use hemp oil for back pain in a variety of ways, depending on your own preferences and needs.  

Why Is CBD Oil Good for Back Pain?

To understand why CBD is an effective way to combat back pain, we can look at how this compound works in the body. We all have an endocannabinoid system that works to retain balance, or homeostasis, in the body. This system communicates with a number of different receptors and other systems in the body such as the central nervous system and nociceptive (pain-sensing) system to bring balance to our bodies and minds. CBD works in the body by interacting with pain receptors to reduce pain signals in the brain, and therefore, reduce feelings of pain around the body, including in the back. 

Another way that CBD functions to relieve pain is by reducing inflammation. Inflammation causes pain due to the swelling of the tissue that can put pressure on nerve endings. Reducing inflammation directly relieves pain in the body. CBD is a natural antioxidant that can work to reduce inflammation effectively, and it supports your body’s immune response to pain. 

The Best CBD Products for Back Pain

Here at Moon Mother, we pride ourselves on producing the highest-quality hemp products using organic, US-grown hemp extract to create our specialized herbalist blends of CBD products that can help you manage your pain naturally. 

How You Can Use CBD for Back Pain

In terms of how you can use CBD for back pain, there are three main options. These are the most common ways of using CBD:

  1. Topically applying CBD as a cream or balm
  2. Ingesting CBD through capsules or oil tinctures
  3. Inhaling CBD with a vape device

You can use all three of these to treat back pain, but some methods are more suitable than others. 

If you’re looking to use CBD for back pain, our range of products can help you to combat and manage back pain with the power of Mother Nature. Depending on what your pain problems look like, some products are more suitable than others. Let’s look at the two main areas of pain problems and how our products can best aid you in taking care of yourself. 

Occasional Back Pain 

If your back doesn’t cause you much pain very often, for example, only after a long day or difficult workout, or you’ve sustained an injury that flares up every now and then, then the best products for you are ones that can be easily used whenever you need them. These would be our CBD Muscle Balm and Bath Salts, which can be used topically to treat any back pain.

Apply a CBD Muscle Balm Topically for Back Pain Relief

For targeting treatment to certain areas such as using a balm containing CBD oil for lower back pain, the topical application method is the best way to target particular areas of back pain. The added benefit of using a CBD Muscle Balm is that the act of massaging this balm into the skin can also combat pain and release tension in and around the back. 

Made with a blend of our organic hemp extract and comforting essential oils, CBD Muscle Balm can be directly applied to specific areas of your back and relieve any tension you may feel. 

CBD Bath Salts

For a little more of a luxurious CBD experience, you can use our CBD Bath Salts to treat your back pain. Soothing CBD and essential oils, alongside the heat from the bath, can relieve sore muscles, reduce inflammation, and relax the body and mind. So whether you experience stress-induced pain or are sore from a workout, you can implement back pain relief into your wellness routine.

Chronic Back Pain

For chronic pain sufferers, you’re likely to need a more regular dose of CBD, which means that you might want to consider incorporating CBD into your daily routine so that you can benefit from its pain-relieving effects every day. 

Moreover, the effects of CBD can be best felt when it is used regularly over a long period of time, as your body gets into a rhythm with the added boost of cannabinoids. Using CBD for back pain regularly also means you can get the most out of your CBD product. Taking CBD daily can be easily done with CBD supplements or tinctures, and it really just comes down to your individual preferences. 

Ingesting CBD through a CBD oil tincture or supplement means it can get to work more quickly than topical products, which typically can take up to an hour to work, depending on the person. Plus, if you suffer from back pain as a symptom of a chronic pain problem or illness, and need daily support with your pain, taking a supplement on a regular basis may be more suitable for you. 

CBD Oil Tinctures

We know that chronic pain looks different each day, and if this is the case for you, then tinctures are the best CBD oil for back pain. Tinctures have a dropper inside the bottle, which provides a more flexible dosage option. You can vary the amount you take each day based on what your pain level is at that moment. 

CBD Supplements

Supplements like our CBD Softgels are perfect for those who want a quick, easy and portable CBD supplement that you can take each day. They’re also a good option if you don’t care for the taste of hemp oil. 

Find the Perfect CBD Product for Back Pain Relief

CBD can work wonders for relieving back pain, and you’re sure to find the right product for you at Moon Mother. You can find all of the products we’ve mentioned on our online shop, or if you’re local, head over to our store in Boulder, CO. And if you have any questions, our team is here to help! We’d love to hear from you. 

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“Moon Mother’s CBD oil has been a godsend. Our quality of life has gone up exponentially.”    We’re genuinely

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Quality Organic Hemp

Quality Organic Hemp

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Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

We make our full spectrum hemp oil with CO2-extracted full spectrum hemp containing over 80 naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes and phytonutrients.

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Herbalist Formulated

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No Extras or Fillers

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Strictly Organic Products

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Environmentally Sustainable Farming Practices

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1% for the Planet Member

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Woman Owned

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